August 22, 2015
Finley Center
11am to 5pm
Santa Rosa, CA

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General Festival Activities:


11:00 am – 5:00 pm: Festival Vendor Hall Open

Experience the taste of fermented foods from around the world and learn how to make many of them at home in your own kitchen! General Admission tickets will grant you access to sample 35+ non-alcoholic foods and beverages from the best craft producers! There is also incredible food available from The Bone Broth Company, Red Horse Pizza, Chalk Hill Cookery and The Farmer’s Wife! 


12:00 pm – 4:00 pm: VIP Libation Lounge Access

Our VIP garden will be open for you to sip on ciders, meads, beers, and wines from some of the West Coast’s most creative and unique fermenters. Sonoma County alone hosts some of worlds best producers of craft beverages! VIP attendees will choose between a take-home stemless wine or pilsner sample glass. 


Please notice: with a general admission or VIP admission ticket, you have access to all classes for free. You also have access to the vendor hall filled with sales of fermented foods and beverages.

The only exception are the reserved tasting classes in

the Manzanita Room.


2015 Schedule:


Alchemist Alcove

Located in the Auditorium, join us behind the curtain for these presentations:


11:45  Samantha Paone: “Cultured and Probiotic Salad Dressings” 

Samantha will explain how to make salad dressings such as Green Goddess Dressing, Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese Dressing, Tartar Sauce and Ranch by culturing cream and vegetables. She also have a line of condiments from her company Golden State Pickle Works (Apple and Kale Slaw, Apricot Ketchup, Allium Mayonnaise) that she will discuss and share tips for creating at home.


1:00  Trish Carty: “Turmeric Fermentation” 

In her book, Rooted Fermentation, Trish takes a look into many ancient remedies to heal. Trish is a Professional Chef, Certified Nutritionist and Certified GAPS Practitioner. Join her for a talk on the latest findings about the correlation between whole food probiotics and our brain + digestive system. Learn more about her at Keep The 


2:15 Jane Campbell: “Making Miso and Koji at Home”

Jane Campbell teaches fermentation classes and runs – filled with recipes, tips and tricks for home fermenting projects. Jane has been an incredible leader in the home-fermentation movement, creating online forums for people to share information. Jane is a home miso-maker and will be sharing her tips and recipes with you all for creating this ancient fermentation on a home scale.


3:30 Kate Payne: “Something from Nothing: Fruit Scrap Vinegar”

Learn how to utilize fruit scraps–peels, cores, leftover mash–to ferment distinctive, flavored live-cultured vinegars. Learn methods and tricks for making apple, pear, peach, cranberry, persimmon and many other types of vinegars. Participants will gain an understanding of the two stages of fermenting vinegars, health benefits of incorporating raw, live vinegars and how to craft small-scale batches at home. Kate will also discuss how to use these homemade vinegars in creative ways.


4:45 Raffle prize winners announced!

Will YOU be the winner of the grand prize? Our table grows each year and you don’t want to miss this bounty!


Bubbies Ministry of Culture

Enter this cultured classroom from the patio or the Sequoia Lobby.


11:45 Lynda LeMole: “Fermenting With Herbs” 

Learn how to choose, combine and prepare these healing plant allies to add flavor, nutrition and medicine to your fermentations.  We will review the benefits and health properties of some of nature’ s most useful gifts, and discuss how they bolster our fermentations making them amazing healing agents.  Learn how to make Fire Cider and join the national herbal community that is turning this folk remedy into a Legacy Tradition.


1:00 Karen Diggs: “Beyond Sauerkraut: Ferment the Exotic and Unique”

We will explore the realm of exotic spices, unusual vegetables, and uncommon flavoring ingredients that will turn ordinary fermented vegetables into edible epicurean jewels.  Karen is a Certified Nutritionist, Therapeutic Chef and culinary instructor at the Bauman College. In addition, Karen has recently co-founded Kraut Source, which is a stainless steel lid system to fit on any wide mouth jar. *Bonus: Cultured Cocktails: How to Use Exotic Kraut Juice to make live-culture cocktails. 

2:15 Karen Solomon: “Asian Pickles: Starting a Nuka Ferment”

Karen is a long-time food writer and published author of Jam It, Cure It, Pickle It and Asian Pickles. Karen writes for many food blogs and is always tinkering in her kitchen with new preservation and cooking experiments. Join Karen to learn the steps towards creating your own traditional Nukazuke pickles at home. This class was requested by many people to return again for 2015! 


3:30 Alex Lewin: “Beet Kvass Basics and Recipes”

Alex is the author of Real Food Fermentation : Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen. He loves talking about fermentation and about food in general. His great wish is that by sharing his enthusiasm, he can serve others on their paths to find real food. Beet Kvass is a rich, complex, earthy tonic which can be made and fermented at home easily. Join Alex to learn how to make this lacto-fermented tonic and discover how this deep purple ferment will impress your friends and your belly.


Whole Foods Fearless Fermentation Station

Enter this cultured space from the west lobby: Ticketed class participants will receive a jar with early arrival and be able to take their work home. General seating will be available to observe the magic. 


11:45 Nicole Kramer Easterday: “Ferment The Rainbow”

Join Nicole of FARMcurious to chop and spice a jar of seasonal summer vegetables. Nicole is a mother and wife who encourages people to start fermenting at home, one jar at a time. Fermenting the Rainbow will cover tips and recipes for using veggies with different textures to create complex and exciting ferments.


1:00 Todd Champagne: “Crunchy Dill Pickles” 

If you haven’t jumped elbow deep into your own batch of briney goodness, let Todd show you the way! Todd is the owner of Happy Girl Kitchen and creator of delicious seasonal ferments and preserves. When he isn’t making pickles, he enjoys teaching others his tried-and-true methods for making a very first batch with success.


2:15 Jill Nussinow:  “Seaweed Krauts”

Our Veggie Queen and Alternative Registered Dietician has been teaching plant-based nutrition for over 20 years. The author of Nutrition CHAMPS: The Veggie Queen’s Guide to Eating and Cooking for Optimum Health, Happiness, Energy and Vitality and The New Fast Food is an avid fermenter of local Sonoma County produce. If you haven’t heard Jill speak, you don’t know how fun veggies can be. 


3:30 Kirsten Shockey: “Fermented Chutney” 

Vegetable fermentation has moved beyond sauerkraut into an entirely new realm of flavor, culinary art and adventure. Be a part of this exciting journey. Join Kirsten, Fermentista and author of Fermented Vegetables, to discuss the benefits of making and enjoying fermented foods. Hear about ancient methods and modern techniques of preservation. Explore herbal pastes, chutney’s, and other condiments. 


Manzanita Room

Reserved Seating Only – Must purchase an “add-on” ticket for these classes. Enter this cultured classroom down the hallway outside of Sequoia Lobby:


11:30 Louella Hill: “The Milk Maid Talks Cheese”

Reserve your seat for this limited class now! Learn how to make an amazingly delicious and surprisingly simply farmers cheese at home. In addition, Louella will lead you through a tasting of local cheeses. Louella’s passion for cheesemaking started on a sheep farm in Tuscany where she spent each day milking sheep, haying fields and making Pecorino. Since then, she has apprenticed with small-scale cheesemakers in Europe, Mexico and throughout New England. She lives in San Francisco where she teaches cheese making to everyone and anyone as “The San Francisco Milk Maid”.  Check out the option to take home a signed copy of Kitchen Creamery on the tickets page!


1:30 Jonas Ketterle: “Experience Cacao”

Did you know chocolate is a fermented food? Before cacao ever reaches the chocolate factory, careful fermentation of the cacao beans is an essential step to producing premium cacao. Join Jonas of Firefly Chocolate for a cacao tree to chocolate bar adventure, with demonstrations of roasting and grinding cacao, while we eat freshly made chocolate bars and engage in a wide ranging discussion about the wonders of chocolate.


3:15 Ellen Cavalli: “Cider Styles Tasting: Varietals”

Join Ellen Cavalli, co-founder of Tilted Shed Ciderworks and self-annointed cider evangelist, for a special cider tasting workshop. Learn about apple varieties, cider tasting principles, and sensory evaluation guidelines, while exploring small-batch single-variety and barrel-aged ciders from five West Coast producers. This workshop is geared toward the aspiring home cidermaker who wants to make interesting cider but may not have a wide variety of apples (or any cider apples) at their disposal. As demonstrated by the ciders featured in this workshop, different fermentation and aging techniques can make the difference between “meh” and “wow!”