Sept 2, 2017 
11am to 5pm

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Our 2016 schedule:

11:30 presentations:

Cypress Classroom

Janet FletcherJanet Fletcher: Yogurt By You

Learn how to make wholesome, all-natural plain yogurt at home—no special equipment required. Janet Fletcher, author of Yogurt: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, will demonstrate the method of transforming milk into luscious, probiotics-rich yogurt and share lots of ideas for using yogurt at home. Samples provided.

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Cedar Lobby Classroom

FullSizeRenderJohn Arends: Beerology – From Grain to Glass

Join John for a look at the ingredients, flavors, process and fermentation of Beer, the world’s most popular fermented beverage. John is the instructor of Cheers To Craft Beer and Hop into Homebrewing classes for Santa Rosa Junior College Community Education and an avid Homebrewer for over 25 years.



Willow Classroom

kids srirachaBen Eksouzian: Fermented Sriracha

From 6 basic ingredients we can make our own Sriracha. While the standard bearer Huy Fong (aka Rooster Sauce) is actually not fermented just about all the other version’s made here in the USA or South East Asia are. There are a few basic rules to my method that avoid some of the basic pitfalls to fermenting hot sauce. Of course like any recipe you can vary the ingredients to your preference for heat, sweet, and savory elements. Equipment needed: A fermentation vessel such as a glass jar or a large tupperware container with lid, blender, food processor (optional), pot to cook it in, and strainer.

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12:30 presentations:

Cypress Classroom

lyndalemoleLynda LeMole: Fermented Kitchen Medicines

Learn to make and use  “Fire Cider” and other medicinal vinegars. We will explore the health benefits of traditional fermented foods like miso, umeboshi, kefir and cultured dairy products.  Lynda will discuss and demonstrate how to use fermented foods in sickness and in health. Lynda is a Sonoma County herbal-nutritionist-alchemist who has worked and played with the healing earth elements since graduating Cornell University School of Nutrition in 1968. Former President, Co-Owner and Formulator of Traditional Medicinals (1982-2002), she also led United Plant Savers from 2002-2011. Fermenting is her favorite transmutation and she loves being in a pickle.

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Cedar Lobby Classroom

beth preservedphoto croppedElizabeth Vecchiarelli: Fermenting Sodas with Water Kefir

Elizabeth Vecchiarelli is the owner of Preserved in Oakland: a kitchen shop focused on traditional methods of preserving. It’s a one-stop supplyshop for pickling, fermenting, brewing, cheese-making, dehydrating, infusing, canning and more! Preserved also hosts community-based workshops twice a week, every week! Elizabeth will be leading a workshop on “Fermenting Sodas with Water Kefir”. Attendants will have the opportunity to learn the simple process of brewing water kefir at home; how to impart flavors like root beers, ginger ales, fruit and herb sodas; and how to build carbonation naturally.

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Willow Classroom

autumnteeterAutumn Teeter: Fermented Cabbage

Take a trip through time with the humble and amazing Brassica oleracea. Taste some yummy samples of the Eastern and Western cabbage fermentation traditions. Autumn Teeter is a California native residing in Alameda. History, comedy and fermentation enthusiast and hobbyist.  Wannabe urban farmer. DIY experimenter. Nonprofit staffer. Cat herder. Hamilton nerd.

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1:30 presentations:

Cypress Classroom:

Todd CTodd Champagne: Pickle Like A Crockstar

One of the OPG (Original Pickling Gangstas) of the West Coast, Todd is an owner of Happy Girl Kitchen and loves to spread the traditional pickling gospel. Todd will show you the ABC’s of picklin’ like a crockstar and will be sure to inspire you to make your first batch of salt-brined sours – or give you tips and pointers to improve your summer dills. Stop by his booth before or after the presentation to sample the delicious spread of Happy Girl Kitchen preserves and pickles.

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Cedar Lobby Classroom

Mary SheilaMary Sheila Gonnella: Why Healthy Bones Need a Healthy Gut and Ferments!

There are many nutrients that are needed for the dynamic process of bone resorption and remodeling.  These nutrients come from the foods that we eat, but are dependent on a healthy GI tract teaming with beneficial bacteria.  Learn more about the diverse nutrients our bones need, where to find them in foods, specifically focusing on the role of fermented foods and what they have to offer. We will talk about how best to  nourish our GI tract for optimal bone health, especially as we age, so that together our food and our bacteria can support strong healthy bones.

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Willow Classroom

square chris teaching meadChris Byrne: Making Wild Meads

With minimal equipment and ingredients, you can make delicious mead on your kitchen counter.  Wild, live mead making encourages the naturally occurring biology in the honey and on the fruits to “wake up”, making an ancient elixir with modern twists.  In this presentation, we will discuss: starting the fermentation; experimenting with added ingredients (like fruits, herbs, and spices); knowing how to determine when the batch is ready to be bottled; bottle conditioning for natural carbonation; and more.


2:30 Presentations

Cypress Classroom:

JillNussinowbJill Nussinow: Fermented Flatbreads and Soured Batters

Our local Veggie Queen and Alternative Registered Dietician has been teaching plant-based nutrition for over 20 years. The author of Nutrition CHAMPS: The Veggie Queen’s Guide to Eating and Cooking for Optimum Health, Happiness, Energy and Vitality and The New Fast Food is an avid fermenter of local Sonoma County produce. In this class Jill will explore soured doughs and batters beyond the usual “San Francisco Sourdough.”

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Cedar Lobby Classroom

Solomon_KarenKaren Solomon: Asian Pickles

Karen is a long-time food writer and published author of Jam It, Cure It, Pickle It and Asian Pickles. Karen writes for many food blogs and is always tinkering in her kitchen with new preservation and cooking experiments. Join Karen to learn the steps towards creating your own traditional Nukazuke pickles at home. This form of pickling is so very different than salt-brining and will soon become a favorite of yours.

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Willow Classroom

marleyheadshot2Marley Peifer: Kick-Ass Kimchi – A Practical Approach

Join Marley to learn how to make delicious, versatile, nutrition-packed kimchi with an authentic taste. This practical approach to kimchi is a synthesis of traditional Korean methods with California ingredients and sensibility. Finished kimchis will be tasted and a new batch will be prepared in this workshop.

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3:30 Presentations

Cypress Classroom:

Keynote Speaker – Kombucha Mamma Hannah Crum:

Inner Terroir – Cultivating Healthy “Soil” with Kombucha

Hannah Crum The Kombucha Mamma of Kombucha Kamp_1.5x2Just as the plants need healthy microbes in the soil to thrive, so do humans need healthy microbes in their “inner soil”, namely their guts, in order to thrive. Traditionally, we have augmented our bacterial intake through consuming fermented foods & drinks. Join the Kombucha Mamma as she explores why it is crucial to the planet that our earthly and humanly soils are populated with the right kind of organisms for optimal health.

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Cedar Lobby Classroom

KarenDiggsKaren Diggs: Fermentation – The Natural Anti-Aging Secret

Did you know that lacto-fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles can help you stay young? Learn the scientific reasons why these traditional live-cultured superfoods can improve memory, boost the immune system, and increase energy.

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Willow Classroom

Nicole EasterdayNicole Easterday: Homemade Chévre to Blow You Friends’ Minds

Imagine this – you’re throwing (or attending) a party and guests show up to find that your appetizer is a sampling of four different-looking goat cheeses that you made from scratch yourself.  They’re amazed and impressed and you shall forever be known as the cheese god/goddess.  Our little secret?  It took you less than 30 minutes of active time to make them all!  We’ll show you how in this delectable and simple workshop.  The perfect solution for impressive entertaining – easy, indulgent and elegant!!

We’ll demonstrate the process of making fresh chevre cheese from scratch in three easy steps and then teach the trick of making it look like you made four different cheeses by shaping and decorating them all differently.  Bonus, you’ll learn some history of cheesemaking, important facts about milk quality and differences as well as the complex chemistry behind cheesemaking, all covered in a fun, easy to understand format.

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