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Sept. 2, 2017 
11am to 5pm





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11:30 presentations:


Alex Lewin: Easy Fermented Drinks

Alex Lewin will be demonstrating recipes from his new book, “Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond” (co-author Raquel Guajardo). Making fermented drinks at home isn’t hard, and doesn’t require a lot of special equipment or ingredients. Alex will show you how to make a few easy fermented drinks. Beet kvass is a fermented beet brine that is a delicious health tonic you can make very easily with some beets, some salt, a knife, and a jar. Pineapple tepache is a fun low-alcohol wine made from scraps of pineapple skin; no special tools are required, although Alex will show you a fantastic tool that every pineapple-lover should have. Finally, Alex will talk about why he thinks fermented drinks are good candidates for getting more fermented stuff into your routine..

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lyndalemoleLynda LeMole: Fermented Kitchen Medicines

Learn to make and use “Fire Cider” and other medicinal vinegars. We will explore the health benefits and uses of traditional fermented foods like miso, umeboshi, kefir and cultured dairy products. Lynda will discuss recent science on the gut biome and probiotic differences, and how to use fermented foods in sickness and in health. Lynda is a Sonoma County herbal-nutritionist-alchemist who has worked and played with the healing earth elements since graduating Cornell University School of Nutrition in 1968. Former President, Co-Owner and Formulator of Traditional Medicinals (1982-2002), she also led United Plant Savers from 2002-2011. Fermenting is her favorite transmutation and she loves being in a pickle.

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beth preservedphoto croppedElizabeth Vecchiarelli: Fermenting Sodas with Water Kefir

Elizabeth Vecchiarelli is the owner of Preserved in Oakland: a kitchen shop focused on traditional methods of preserving. It’s a one-stop supplyshop for pickling, fermenting, brewing, cheese-making, dehydrating, infusing, canning and more! Preserved also hosts community-based workshops twice a week, every week! Elizabeth will be leading a workshop on “Fermenting Sodas with Water Kefir”. Attendants will have the opportunity to learn the simple process of brewing water kefir at home; how to impart flavors like root beers, ginger ales, fruit and herb sodas; and how to build carbonation naturally.

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1:00 presentations:


JillNussinowbJill Nussinow: Fermented Flatbreads and Soured Batters

You will learn how to make easy and tasty fermented flatbreads such as dosa, injera and other “breads” made from legumes and gluten-free seeds and grains, as well as learn delicious ways to eat them daily. There will also be a short discussion on nondairy cheese and yogurt making.Our local Veggie Queen and Alternative Registered Dietician has been teaching plant-based nutrition for over 20 years. The author of Nutrition CHAMPS: The Veggie Queen’s Guide to Eating and Cooking for Optimum Health, Happiness, Energy and Vitality and The New Fast Food is an avid fermenter of local Sonoma County produce.

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marleyheadshot2Marley Peifer: Kimchi – A Practical Approach

Join Marley to learn how to make delicious, versatile, nutrition-packed kimchi with an authentic taste. This practical approach to kimchi is a synthesis of traditional Korean methods with California ingredients and sensibility. Finished kimchis will be tasted and a new batch will be prepared in this workshop.

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Jonas Ketterle: The Magic of Cacao

In May of 2015, Jonas transformed a warehouse into a dedicated chocolate making facility, making Firefly Chocolate the first bean to bar chocolate company in Sonoma County. Bean to bar chocolate is a movement that is transforming chocolate making (akin to craft breweries and local coffee roasters), and Jonas is thrilled to be part of a rapidly growing community of talented bean to bar chocolate makers. Each maker brings their own story and philosophy, and I encourage you to seek them out! Join Jonas on a taste adventure to learn about and discover ceremonial drinking chocolate

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2:30 presentations:


Christopher + Kirsten Shockey: World Ferments: A Tour of Pungent Condiments That We Crave

From piquant to fiery, humans have always sought to spice up their meals. In this presentation Kirsten and Christopher Shockey will take you on a brief tour of how spice moved through the world. You will land in South Asia, where the lesser known facultative sun fermentation developed achar pickles. This presentation will include a demonstration of this technique. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey got their start in fermenting foods, first on in their home, and then with their farmstead food company (Mellonia Farm), where they created over forty varieties of cultured vegetables and krauts. When they realized their passion was for the process, they chose to focus on teaching the art of fermenting vegetables. They still experiment with new recipes, help others set up in-house or farmstead “fermentories”, teach classes at their farm and host small farm workshops.

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Mary Sheila Gonnella: Title TBA

After graduating college from Sonoma State University, Mary Sheila was pulled to West Sonoma County, where she did an apprenticeship on an organic farm, and started to become more aware of the food she was eating, and started to feel the difference fresh quality organic food made for health and vitality. She dove in to what she now calls Deep Nutrition and started harvesting her own seaweed, mushrooms, and wildcrafted herbs, growing a garden when she could and incorporated these foods into everyday life. She also discovered fermented foods and how to make them, which have been instrumental in helping to restore her gut health, immune system and digestive fire. All of these practices became an important part of her lifestyle that slowly but surely restored and continues to maintain her health today.

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Rick Goldberg: Using Ferments in Your Cuisine

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4:00 Presentations



Solomon_KarenKaren Solomon: Asian Pickles

Karen is a long-time food writer and published author of Jam It, Cure It, Pickle It and Asian Pickles. Karen writes for many food blogs and is always tinkering in her kitchen with new preservation and cooking experiments. Join Karen to learn the steps towards creating your own traditional Nukazuke pickles at home. This form of pickling is so very different than salt-brining and will soon become a favorite of yours.

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KarenDiggsKaren Diggs: Nourish Your Microbiome to Save the Planet

Learn why nourishing your gut will help to save our planet. There is a symbiotic connect between the our internal microbiome and the microbiome of our external eco-system. Karen will share scientific research that will inspire you to make yourself healthy through fermented super foods so that we can all join together to bring health back to Mother Earth.

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Nicole EasterdayNicole Easterday: Topic TBA


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